Fàilte air ais/Welcome back

Fàilte air ais gu teirm ùr.  Tha sinn ag ionnsachadh mu na Ceiltich an teirm seo,  chleachd sinn uinneanan, càl agus spinach airson dath a chuir air aodach.  Tha sinn ag obair air dealbhan dhe teaghlach Cheilteach.

Welcome back to a new term.  We are learning about the Celts this term.  We used red onions, cabbage and spinach to dye some cloth for our Celtic family pictures.

Primary 1’s were sorting in Maths and for Health and Wellbeing week we learnt about how our heart works and how important it is to exercise so that our bodies get plenty oyygen, and our hearts stay healthy.  We did circuits in the hall and checked our pulse afterwards.

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