Hùb Hàb, Roinneadh agus Bèicearachd/Drama, Division and Baking!

Tha sinn air a bhith trang bhon a thìll sinn as dèidh na saor-laithean. We have been busy since returning from summer break. Primary 1’s are settling in well, we had a visit from the Gaelic Drama group, Hùb Hàb who performed a Road Safety play for us and we were delighted to be joined by Sgoil-àraich children. We were also set a task to show division on our cakes which we baked. We showed what dividing by 3, 4 and 8 means by dividing our cakes into equal parts!


Fàilte / Welcome

Fàilte dhan bhlog aig a Chlas Ghàidhlig . Bidh stuth ri fhaicinn a dh’aithghearr.  Cuimhnich dean clic air an liosta air an laimh dheas agus cuir a-steach post-d agaibh airson gum faigh sibh fiosrachadh ùr sam bidh.

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