ELC Family Resource

Taic do theaghlaichean –  Tha sreath ùr bhideothan a chruthaich Ellen Jack air loidhne airson taic a thoirt dha teaghlaichean le clann òga le Gàidhlig aig an taigh.

Supporting families – ELC family resource. A new series of 9 short videos created by Ellen Jack to be shared with parents and carers of young children to support Gaelic Medium or Gaelic learners at home.

1 – Introduction

2 – Washing hands

3 – Getting up and getting ready in the morning

4 – Eating

5 – Getting ready for bed

6a – Storytime (Part 1)

6b – Storytime (Part 2)

7 – Time to sleep

8 – Singalong

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