Trang a-muigh agus a-staigh/Busy indoors and out!

Tha sinn air a bhith trang ag obair air cumaidhean, chruthaich sinn Celtic roundhouse anns a gharradh chluich le bhith tomhais 5m diameter.  Cha robh e mor!

Cuideachd thadhal sinn air sgoil-araich airson ag obair air litrichean comhla riutha.

Bha sinn a lorg cumaidhean 3 D agus thog sinn roundhouses agus caisteal anns a chlas.

We have been busy indoors and out!  We measured a 5m diameter Celtic roundhouse in the playground and it was not big!  We also looked for 3D in playground, visited our buddies in sgoil-araich for a letter hunt and worked on Celtic houses and Primary 1’s painted a castle.

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